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Couples seeking a no-fault divorce will have to wait until autumn 2021 despite the new divorce process being approved, subject to some minor amendments before it becomes law to allow time for careful implementation.

Ramsdens, however, are delighted to see the bill reach the end of its parliamentary journey. The Law Society said ‘no-fault’ divorce will bring divorce law into the 21st century after 30 years of campaigning and many false starts. This will ensure that the divorce process becomes a more civilised, dignified divorce process

As couples will be able to petition for a divorce jointly this is an incredibly important step symbolically, although the introduction of a minimum overall timeframe shows that this is not the "quickie divorce" that some have suggested may be introduced.

As the detail of the rules around the new process, are still to be finalized it is not likely that no-fault divorces will be a reality in England and Wales until late 2021 or even early 2022.

We here at Ramsdens will be better able to support couples to resolve matters ‘as constructively and amicably as possible, minimising the impact on any children they may have’.

Watch this space for more developments.

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