The NHS in Northern Ireland has recalled over 2500 neurology patients for a case review amid fears of misdiagnosis.

This recall follows a review of the treatment carried out by consultant neurologist Dr Michael Watt who had worked at the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust over a period of 20 years. It includes patients, both adults and children, who have been diagnosed with a wide range of neurological conditions including epilepsy, MS, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke and Motor Neurone Disease. The recall may also be extended to patients who are now deceased. The Trust will ensure a review is carried out on each patient to ensure the correct treatment is being administered and to check for any misdiagnosis of conditions.

Concerns were originally raised by a G.P. in 2016 and Dr Watt who had not seen patients since summer of 2017. Patients will, quite rightly, be anxious to know whether they have been diagnosed with the correct condition, whether they suffer with this condition at all and whether they have been prescribed the correct medication and treatment. There are fears that some medication prescribed may have caused unnecessary harm to patients.

It raises the question as to how this was allowed to happen and a question as to whether there is a lack of scrutiny across the wider NHS.

This recall comes just a couple of months after the BBC reported the cost of negligence claims to have almost doubled since 2010 with 1.7 billion being spent in 2016/2017. Whilst we all appreciate the financial strain the NHS is under, this recall may be a sign that the NHS are becoming more open to admitting potential fault at an earlier stage. If this is the case it will minimise costs incurred by both parties in what can normally be a long drawn out process involving court proceedings. This obviously does nothing to assist patients who have suffered as a result of the wrongdoing of the medical profession.

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