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The World Cup starts today........and in the run up to the start of the competition the Police were taking steps to try and prevent incidents of domestic violence occurring.

The extra preventative measures are aimed at preventing incidents occurring by issuing personal warnings to men and women with a record of domestic violence prior to the commencement of the celebrations. These people are those considered by the Police as high-risk individuals that are deemed to be perpetrators of domestic violence.

Statistics show that incidents of domestic violence increase during certain events and special occasions, the World Cup is one of them.

During the 2010 World Cup one Police force reported the following:

- Domestic violence incidents increased by 38% when England lost

- Domestic violence incidents increased by 26% when England won

The World Cup increases the causative factors of domestic violence. The main reason that domestic violence increases in a major event like the World Cup is because many perpetrators are fuelled by alcohol, the stress and their frustrations caused by the game are at a peak and there is also the issue of competitiveness.

It does not matter whether someone suffers domestic violence for the first time or twentieth time during the World Cup or at any other time of year. Here at Ramsdens we can help.

Our professional, experienced lawyers will offer you a sympathetic ear whilst advising you of your legal position and how best to protect yourself.

Non-Molestation Order

In some circumstances it may be necessary to obtain immediate protection on your behalf in the form of a Non-Molestation Order. This can offer protection by preventing a perpetrator of domestic violence threatening or using physical violence on you. Where appropriate, at Ramsdens, we will make this Application to the Court on the same day so that you have the protection as soon as possible.

Legal aid IS still available!

In relation to obtaining a Non-Molestation Order, despite the huge cuts to legal aid, it is still available for sufferers of domestic violence that wish to obtain a non-molestation order. This is still means tested and is dependant upon income but we are happy to discuss this and, if eligible, fund the matter in this way.

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