Natalie Marrison, Head of Abuse and Personal Injury at Ramsdens Solicitors, has featured in the Big Issue North where she gives her legal opinion on the Maggie Oliver and the Greater Manchester child sexual exploitation case.

Natalie Marrison told the Big Issue North: “The publication last month, of the review into child sexual exploitation in Greater Manchester, may come as a shock to many but unfortunately it seems to be a resurfacing issue.

“Although we can take a positive from the investigation now being conducted, this only serves to highlight the severity of neglect that our vulnerable children have been subjected to. Moving forward it is vital the local authorities, police and social services adapt their mindset and begin to view these individuals as the victims they are, rather than a problem.

“Regular reviews need to be undertaken to ensure everything is being done to protect those vulnerable to exploitation. They must be provided with a safe environment to report any issues. I see too often children, who, after authority intervention, are left in the same geographical local where they are vulnerable to exploitation. The cycle does not break.

“It is especially important that the perpetrators and those in positions of trust who failed the individuals are held accountable to set a precedent. This exploitation can no longer be tolerated.

“Greater Manchester Police and mayor Mr Burnham appear to be tackling the problem head on and are not shy in admitting the shortfalls of the organisations involved but there is still significant progress required. This shift in mindset not only needs to be instilled across the organisations involved, but also needs to be echoed up and down the country in order to reduce risk and support safeguarding.”

You can read more on the issue by picking up your copy of the Big Issue North today or read it online here.

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