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It is well known that with a New Year comes a new outlook on life for many people. A New Year brings an opportunity for you to reflect and revaluate what you want from life. Following the Christmas period, you may have come to the decision that 2016 is the year you wish to end your marriage. At Ramsdens, we can provide expert legal advice and support you through your decision to divorce.

Divorce is rarely an easy situation and we recognise that. There are many issues that you will have to contend with whilst dealing with the breakdown of your marriage. At Ramsdens, we are here to help.

How can we help?

Your Children

Divorce undoubtedly impacts upon Children; where the children live, who they spend time with and when are just some of the issues you may find yourself having to contend with. We have extensive experience in representing parents through sensitive disputes regarding children.

As members of Resolution we recognise the importance of dealing with divorce in a child focused, amicable manner as much as possible in order to minimise the effect of divorce on children.


Dividing assets can often be the most troublesome part in a divorce. The division of assets, such as pensions, may seem overwhelming and complicated. Our expert team will strive to negotiate the fairest settlement for you. Increasingly, this may be done outside of Court proceedings, in meetings between legal teams such as “Round-table” discussions.

Is going to Court the only option?

In short - no! Many people think that in order to get a divorce a lengthy Court battle will be necessary - this isn’t always the case. Dependent upon your circumstances there may be other options that will suit you.

Mediation - This can be a valuable way of resolving issues. We can recommend trained mediators who can help you during the process by keeping the communication between couples open, working towards the couple reaching the right agreement for them. We can then provide legal advice regarding the outcome of your mediation sessions and you can decide on the best course of action following on from this.

Collaborative Law - This is an alternative to formal proceedings. Outside of the Court arena collaborative law allows couples to settle their differences through face-to-face discussions with the constant support of their solicitor. We have trained collaborative lawyers who can guide you through the collaborative law process

Don’t forget your Will!

If you are thinking of divorce or in the process of divorcing it is vitally important that you alter your Will to reflect your wishes at this current time. Without that, your current Will will stand which is likely to mean that all your belongings etc will go to your soon-to-be ex-husband/wife. Our family department can liaise with our friendly and knowledgeable private client department to ensure your assets are completely protected.