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Our Head of Conveyancing, Lindsey Frith, has featured on Today’s Conveyancer discussing the potential introduction of upfront property information, which is intended to help improve the home buying and selling process.

Speaking to the publication, alongside other professionals, Lindsey said:

“Upfront information is always going to give the conveyancing process a head start but the key is to ensure that there is consistency in what information is provided. On the basis that it is a conveyancer who will review the sales pack/property information, in my opinion, it ought to be a conveyancer who compiles this information to ensure that the seller receives the appropriate advice (where necessary), in advance of the information being supplied. Consistency is key, there is disparity within the industry between what one conveyancer would accept compared to the next. An upfront pack wouldn’t remove this disparity but if a consistent approach is taken in terms of what a standard pack comprises, this would be a start.”

Read the full article on Today’s Conveyancer for more information.

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