How to seek justice from historical Institutional Abuse?

When the Criminal Justice Act 1982 came into effect, it replaced the Borstal system in the UK which had been intended to reform “delinquent young people”; recognising this system was significantly outdated.

This new legislation created detention centres, where male offenders aged between 14 and 21 years of age would be detained for “short periods, under discipline SUITABLE to persons of their age and description”.

An increasing amount of brave survivors, have now come forward to highlight the institutional abuse that they suffered as a direct result when being detained in these centres.

Was their treatment “suitable”?

Survivors have described long-lasting psychological and emotional trauma they suffered when they were young, vulnerable children, who needed the safety and support that these detention centres were intended to offer.

What can trauma look like?

Depression, anxiety, long-lasting physical injuries, PTSD, self-harming, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts/planning, drug or alcohol misuse, struggle with parenting/ work, difficulty communicating, emotional difficulties, nightmares and behavioural problems which can result in further offending, to name just a few.

Are you a victim of abuse whilst being detained in the Medomsley, Kirklevington or Aldington detention centre?

Do you feel that you would like justice following the abuse you have suffered whilst in a similar institutional setting?

Ramsdens Solicitors represent a large number of survivors who are currently supporting several criminal investigations into their treatment within these detention centres and are appealing for any other witnesses to come forward.

Our team, led by Natalie Marrison, have extensive experience in pursuing compensation claims arising from abuse in detention establishments. If you have any further information please contact Ramsdens Child Abuse team for a confidential discussion on 0113 8871834.