Mike Walsh, Shoulder surgeon at Spire Healthcare Leeds remains under investigation following suspension in April 2018.

Walsh practiced at Spire Healthcare, the same institution as Ian Paterson, the surgeon who was convicted and imprisoned in 2017 for a number of offences relating to treatment and malpractice provided to countless patients. For our comments following the release of the Paterson Inquiry report, please read our recent article which can be found here.

Almost 50 patients who received treatment from Walsh have now been recalled back to Spire for review. It is important to look back at the Paterson Inquiry report which notes that patients were not promptly recalled, many of which have still not been recalled at all.

Investigations remain ongoing and further information is expected to come to light in respect of Walsh's actions. The latest news, however, continues to highlight the inherent issues within private practice that allow medical practitioners to repeatedly fail patients.

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