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Mr Leach, the Coroner sitting at Wakefield Coroners’ Court, recently gave a narrative conclusion stating, that the conduct of a patients G.P collectively amounted to a gross failure, which caused the deceased’s death.

The female deceased, from Guisley, sadly lost her life as a result of taking a months dose of Vitamin D medication, every day, despite the prescription being queried by both the patients care home and the pharmacy who were told by the G.P that it was correct.

The family unfortunately put a lot of trust in medical professionals and on this occasion there were devastating consequences.

Inquests are fact finding hearings. The aim is for the coroner to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual and is limited to answering four key questions, who, when, where and how did an individual come to their death. It can often be a daunting experience for the families involved, especially if you are asked to give a statement regarding the circumstances and are called to give oral evidence.

At Ramsdens we specialise in representing families at Inquests, guiding them through the process and attending and asking questions at the Inquest hearing on their behalf. If, following the Inquest, we believe there is then the possibility to investigate a claim for Personal Injury or Clinical Negligence we have a team who will carefully advise and handle a claim.

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