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If a client cannot afford to travel to the office, perhaps due to financial control, or is unable to leave the house, perhaps because of their abuser, we are able to deal with matters over the telephone and/or email. We also work with the Local Authority and local charities to try to source funds for the client to get the help they need, whether that be funds for public transport or a place at refuge.

We provide a free telephone consultation and will always assess clients for their legal aid eligibility. If a client is not eligible for Legal Aid, and cannot afford to pay privately, we make sure they have all the relevant forms and information so they can ascertain the protection they need themselves.

At Ramsdens, the safety of our client’s is our paramount concern and we will make sure we accommodate all clients in all situations as best we can. We understand how valuable the protection is for victims and the need for urgent action.

Did you know….train companies offer free travel to those fleeing domestic abuse during coronavirus lockdown. Click here to find out more.

If you or someone you know would like to speak to a member of the Family team for a free consultation, please contact us on 01484 821500 to speak in confidence.

Always remember that if you are in immediate danger you should contact the police on 999.