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230,000 people in England and Wales go through divorce proceedings each year and a large proportion of these people have children of their marriage.

Due to the substantial change in everyone's life that getting a divorce carries with it, understandably this can significantly effect a child or children whose parents are going through divorce.

There are a number of ways that the effects divorce can have on children can be minimised. Whilst divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved especially children, the way in which the divorce proceedings are handled can reduce the effects.

At Ramsdens, we ensure that the welfare of children of the family are at the forefront of our minds in all of the work that we do. We work in line with the Family Law Protocol and the Resolution Protocol to avoid any unnecessary hostility between parents.

We understand that it is important to maintain an amicable relationship for the future as parents will need to attend engagements and occasions together for their children such as birthdays, parents evenings, graduations and weddings. It can be extremely difficult for a child when their parents separate as they are likely to worry and carry a burden on their shoulders prior to their parents attending functions together. No matter how old the children are, if the parents can be amicable following separation and maintain some form of a relationship and communication this will benefit children immensely.

Sometimes, separations can occur during important times of a child's life such as exam periods. Showing children that you can maintain a positive relationship during this time can help them through these tough times and minimise any further stress or disruption.

Divorce proceedings need not be hostile and can be dealt with in the most amicable way possible avoiding costly, stressful and difficult Court Proceedings.

At Ramsdens we actively encourage approaching a breakdown of a marriage in an amicable way and we advise our clients in relation to Dispute Resolution. Parties can participate in Dispute Resolution to resolve all dispute relating to children and the financial consequences of a marriage breakdown such as:-