On Wednesday 6th March 2019, the Home Office announced a series of measures following the release of the new Violence against Women and Girls Strategy.

At the same time, they released their first cross-government position statement on male victims of crimes. This paper includes how the Government intend to implement service standards and cross-government work, to join-up services creating more seamless and integrated pathways of support. The aim is to encourage more people to come forward and seek help, bringing perpetrators to justice.

Last year the figures show that 695,000 males suffered domestic abuse and of that number, 138,000 were sexually assaulted.

The Government has pledged that it will give £500,000 to specialist support groups who work with male victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

One of the other recommendations was that the Government will provide £146,000 to Survivors Manchester in support the formation and development of the Male Survivors Partnership. This is a UK umbrella development agency for organisations working with male victims and survivors of sexual violence.

The Male Survivors Partnership has conducted research that indicates that “...some men can take 31 years to disclose their ordeals.”

Victoria Atkins, the Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability said, “Men can, and do, suffer from crimes such as domestic and sexual abuse.

“It is a horrendous experience that often goes unrecognised and it is heartbreaking that some men feel they cannot report their experiences because of societal views around masculinity.

“As a government we are determined to bring these horrific crimes to light and support victims and survivors, regardless of gender.”

The CEO of Survivors Manchester said “As a professional working with male survivors of sexual violence and a survivor myself, this statement sends a clear message to boys and men that the government sees you an they are taking what happened to you seriously.

He added “That kind of recognition is priceless and will positively add to men’s healing.”

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