Following on from the 2019/20 annual report from NHS Resolution, which covers up to 31 March, we have seen Claimant legal costs for clinical negligence cases rise by 12.5% over the last year. But these have also risen for Defendants. This rise is partially down to newly recognised GP indemnity arrangements but also an increase in interim payments. Interim payments are sought as a means for assistance whilst Claimants are undergoing recovery and rehabilitation. Any further impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will be referred to in the 2020/21 report.

With new clinical negligence cases up 9.3%, the highest since 2013/14, 71.5% of these managed to reach settlement without proceedings. NHS Resolution have stated that although cases have risen, this is due to heightened activity and a broader range of incidents now being reported. The Chief Executive of NHS Resolution, Helen Vernon, states ‘the report reflects a more collaborative approach to investigating claims for compensation.’ Litigation in respect of these claims has reduced and mediation and negotiations have been able to continue throughout lockdown so that cases can continue to be resolved.

This focus on collaborative work is promising and early intervention and investigation from NHS Resolution will hopefully lead to claims being resolved as quickly as possible. At Ramsdens our experiences team investigate into a variety of injuries including those arising from clinical negligence.

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