Helen Thewlis and Natalie Marrison feature in Todays Family Lawyer

Helen Thewlis, Head of Family Law and Natalie Marrison, Head of Abuse and Personal Injury, have featured in Todays Family Lawyer, where they discussed the training options available to solicitors to better help them support sexual and domestic abuse survivors.

The pair told Todays Family Lawyer: “We ensure both of us and our teams receive training and support from charities who focus on abuse that is specific to our client base. This ensures that we all gain as much knowledge and understanding of how to recognise sexual and domestic abuse, and assist those victims in a sensitive manner so that they feel fully supported.”

“It is important that we are able to safely signpost victims of sexual abuse and domestic abuse where they may need alternative housing, counselling or other services.”

You can read Helen and Natalie’s full comment on Todays Family Lawyer here.