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Last week (18 - 22nd June) we welcomed students from Greenhead College as part of the Project and Work Placement Week (PaWS) put in place for the A1 students.

"Greenhead College operates one of the most extensive work placement schemes in the country, with over 700 students gaining first-hand experience of the world of work across the UK and abroad. Students can apply for College organised placements, or may arrange their own. Many students' career aspirations have been confirmed following their work placement experience."

The week allows students to enhance their employability skills and confirm career aspirations. The students are able to choose from a wide range of projects, or spend a week shadowing professionals in their future sectors.

Here at Ramsdens we welcomed a total of 10 work placement students across our 14 offices, find out what some of them had to say about their week spent within out teams below.

Tinaeke Kilwake, spent her week with our Employment team in Huddersfield commented: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Ramsdens, from attending court, to reading case files and sitting in on client meetings. It has been very eventful! It’s given me so much to think about and a clearer view of the career options that I have in the future.”

Benjamin Collins, spent his week with our Family team in Huddersfield commented: "I am very grateful to Ramsdens for granting me an opportunity, which has exceeded all expectations. I most enjoyed the legal practice throughout the week, which tested both my learning skills and my ability to apply them to a range of questions and different cases. I attended Leeds Court where I learnt a plethora of information about the role of a solicitor and the complex scenarios they deal with. I have enjoyed each and every day and can’t thank Ramsdens enough.”

Lea Howarth, spent her week with our Private Client team in Halifax commented: “During the past week I’ve spent at Ramsdens Halifax office I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained a good insight into what goes on in a solicitors office. I’ve spent my week in the private client department and have taken part in a variety of tasks including looking at family trees, analysing accounts to work out the assets and liabilities the client has as well as any tax returns and carrying out insurance checks at properties. This has strengthened my skills in analysis and has taught me the kind of things that you have to look for and understand when a person dies intestate. Overall this week has been a great experience for me and has taught me many skills that will be useful for the career that I’m hoping to go into in the future. Everyone has been very helpful and happy to teach me new things that I wouldn’t have known before and helped me to develop new skills, so the experience has been very valuable to me and has given me a true view of the basis of what a career as a solicitor will entail and all the different aspects of working in a law firm.”

Fiona Cooper, spent her week with our Care team in Dewsbury commented: “During my time with Ramsdens I have gained a useful insight into the world of work and the role of a solicitor. I feel I have established a new found work ethic and grown in confidence. I was given the opportunity to work alongside solicitors within an office environment, as well as experiencing their work in Court. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the firm and have been inspired to pursue a career in Law. “