It has recently been reported by the BBC that a Criminal Investigation has been commenced arising out of a significant amount of deaths at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

The Police are now investigating a potential link between the prescription of painkillers and deaths at the hospital between 1987 and 2001.

Mis-prescription can unfortunately have significant side effects upon patients and their families ranging from a very minor illness to a fatality depending on the drugs prescribed and quantity.

It appears from the articles in the press that the families of those deceased had raised concerns surrounding the deaths and that these had not been investigated.

It is hoped that the enquiry will provide the families with some answers in relation to the cause of death. Unfortunately, enquiries can take some time. At present it is estimated that it will not progress to the next stage for up to nine months, historically it can take longer. The first stage of the report into the deaths of patients of Dr Harold Shipman took around 18 months.

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