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Court isn’t the only option...

People often believe that issues arising from separation such as divorce, financial matters and child arrangements are resolved in a stressful and expensive process which can often lead to Court proceedings, However, family mediation week aims to raise awareness of the mediation process and the benefits of attempting mediation to resolve these issues in an amicable, less expensive and constructive way. It allows the parties to be in control of their situation and seek an agreement which works best for them.

The process of Mediation

At Ramsdens Solicitors we can recommend Mediators in your local area to commence the Mediation process. Initially the Mediator will arrange a meeting known as a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) which you would attend on your own. The Mediator will explain the mediation process to you and will determine whether or not you are suitable to engage in the mediation process and also whether you would be eligible for Legal Aid funding. Once you and your spouse or former partner have both attended a MIAM and the mediator agrees that you are both suitable for mediation then a joint session will be arranged to enable you to all sit together and try and resolve your issues. Often a number of meetings are scheduled to address and hopefully resolve all the issues you may have. If you do not wish to sit in the same room as your spouse or partner then shuttle mediation is an option which still enables the process to take place however you sit in separate rooms and the mediator goes between the rooms outlining what the other party has said.

What is the role of a Mediator?

A Mediator is a neutral party who assists in resolving the disputes between both parties? It is important to note that a Mediator cannot offer legal advice at the Mediation meetings and therefore we recommend that you do seek legal advice before Mediation to understand your rights and options.

It is also important to note that when you do reach an agreement regarding financial matters during the Mediation process you should seek legal assistance from a Solicitor to ensure the agreement is drawn up into a legally binding document to prevent any future financial claims which may arise.

At Ramsdens Solicitors we can offer support and advice before, during and after the Mediation process.

Mediation is not the only process which can keep your disputes out of Court...

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law allows you to settle your disputes in a calm and understanding manner with help and advice from one of our Collaborative Family Lawyers. Again, this is a process which does not involve Court proceedings but offers flexible solutions which can be tailored to the parties’ circumstances. This process involves round table meetings with your Collaborative Family Lawyer, your spouse or former partner and their Collaborative Family Lawyer and any issue(s) can be discussed such as divorce, separation, finances and children. You receive help and advice during the meeting from your Lawyer however, you and your spouse or former partner remain in control of the process finding a solution which will work best for you.

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