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Since 2009 Dying Matters have been dealing with the difficult topics of dying, death and bereavement. They provide information and advice to many people who need it. This week is Dying Matters Awareness Week and the question they are encouraging people to ask is Are We Ready?

Are We Ready for our own deaths?

Are We Ready for the deaths of those we care about?

Are We Ready to help others get their affairs in order?

Are We Ready to help people we know who are caring for someone who is dying?

Are We Ready to support someone who is grieving?

Or even something as simple as “Are We Ready to talk about it?”

Dying can be an awkward subject as it something we all face, yet not something many of us talk about. The fact of the matter is the more we talk about it and the better we are prepared, the easier it is to face up to. Whether we are taking about our own mortality or that of others, if we’re having the conversation, we’re moving in the right direction.

It may seem like the most straight forward thing in the world, but unfortunately dying can be very complicated. It is important to consider whether we are ready for what happens before and after we die.

If we are ill, we may need to discuss palliative care. This may be discussing the sort of care we might want to receive, where we might want to receive care, where we might prefer to die or life sustaining treatment.

If we can’t make such decisions ourselves, we will need to take the correct steps to ensure there is somebody appointed to do so on our behalf. This would mean preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney to appoint people to make such decisions about our health and welfare as well as appointing people to deal with our financial affairs.

There is also the question of our funerals. Will we be buried or cremated? There are other funeral related questions to answer, whether it is about the music that is played, charitable donations or even how the mourners are dressed. Most people have some ideas, but don’t always discuss them.

Finally there is the question of our estates. Have we prepared a Will? Many people haven’t and it can cause no end of problems for those left behind. Even if we have prepared a Will, do our Executors know where to find it when the time comes?

This may all sound rather macabre and indeed it is, but it is important and that is what Dying Awareness Week is about. These are things we need to talk about and there are a lot of questions to answer.

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