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Since 2009, Dying Matters has been supporting and advising people on the difficult topics of dying, death and bereavement.

This year’s Dying Matters Awareness Week is running from 10 – 16 May, with a focus on opening up the conversation around end of life and asking us to think about what it means to be in a good place to die.

It is not always possible to make our wishes and feelings know particularly if our mental capacity starts to decline and it is therefore important to consider making sure we have taken the necessary steps to allow a trusted representative to have these discussions on our behalf. Such steps could include preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney or a Living Will (also known as an Advanced Directive).

Whilst death will be different for everyone, it is important for families to think about, talk about and to plan for this difficult time. And it is through conversation that Dying Matters aims to break the stigma surrounding death and normalise such discussions, as for many, being able to recognise when death is close can help us prepare us for what is to come and how to say those all-important goodbyes.

We can all get involved in many ways, from taking the opportunity to have a conversation with colleagues and sharing stories on social media, to actively taking steps to prepare for end of life for you or your loved ones or even holding your own events during the week.

Daily themes

This year’s daily themes explore what it means to be in a good place, and how you and your loved ones can plan for the end of life. They are:

  • Are We Physically Ready for our own death?
  • Are We Emotionally Ready for our own death?
  • Are We Financially Ready for our own death? Have we made a Will or put in place funeral plans?
  • Are We Spiritually Ready for our own death? Have we taken into account how different faith group talk about and prepare for death?
  • Are We Digitally Ready for our own death? Have digital assets, social media accounts and passwords and online banking details been discussed between members of the family? For further information in relation to digital assets in Wills please read our latest blog on this topic here.

All of which will provide a chance to look deeper at how different aspects of dying, some not always immediately considered, can affect being ready to die and those left behind.

We hope you will take the opportunity to join the conversation and if you or a loved one would like any further information on the issues raised, please contact our experienced Private Client team on 01484 821 500, or email