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If you are being forced to change your behavior because you are frightened of your partner then you may be a victim of domestic abuse. If you are experiencing the following it is likely that you are being abused:

• Is your partner jealous and possessive?

• Does your partner cut you off from family and friends and try to isolate you?

• Is your partner charming one minute and abusive the next? Does your partner have sudden mood swings?

• Does your partner control your life – for example, money, who you see, what you wear

• Does your partner monitor your movements?

• Are you blamed for the way you are treated?

• Are you humiliated in front of your friends and family?

• Does your partner verbally abuse you?

• Are you intimidated by your partner? Do they get angry and scare you?

• Does your partner tell you you are useless and nothing without them?

• Have you been threatened if you say you want to leave them?

• Are you forced to do things that you don’t want to, for example, forced into sex, forced to wear certain clothes.

There are many different ways of being abusive. Here are a few examples:

• Damaging a your possessions

• Smashing up the furniture

• Threatening to harm or kill the pets

• Threatening to kidnap or get custody of the children if you leave

• Locking you out of the house

The aim of the behaviour, whether conscious or unconscious – is to take control of the person’s life. Domestic violence is an abuse of power – it’s all about power and control. Domestic violence is never, under any circumstances justifiable. If you recognize any of the above signs or you feel that you recognize the signs in a friend or a family member – seek help.


• In an emergency always dial 999

• We can obtain emergency, ex-parte (without-notice) non-molestation and occupation orders, preventing the perpetrator from contacting the victim, breach of which is a criminal offence.

• 24-hour support is available at charities such a Women’s Aid or the Men’s Advice Line.

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