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There are many myths surrounding Domestic Abuse and its causes. Here are just a few that have been highlighted by our Family team in support of the #16DaysofAction campaign.

Myth 1: Domestic Abuse ALWAYS involves physical violence.

Myth 2: Domestic Abuse isn’t that common.

Myth 3: Men do not suffer Domestic Abuse.

Myth 4: She would leave if it was that bad.

Myth 5: Men who abuse women are mentally unwell.

Myth 6: Children are only harmed by watching Domestic Abuse.

Myth 7: Domestic Violence is a private Family matter.

Myth 8: Domestic Abuse doesn’t happen in my culture / religion.

Myth 9: Domestic Abuse is rare in older women.

Myth 10: Women are just as abusive as men.

Myth 11: Women exaggerate domestic abuse.

Myth 12: Men who abuse their partners saw their fathers abuse their mothers.

Myth 13: All couples argue – it’s part of a normal relationship.

Myth 14: Alcohol and drugs make men violent.

Myth 15: Violence towards a partner is a momentary loss of control.

Myth 16: She was provoking him to be violent.

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Ramsdens believe that domestic violence is wrong in all circumstances and we are committed to assisting victims.

Our professional, experienced lawyers will offer you a sympathetic ear whilst advising you of your legal position and how best to protect yourself (and all information will be kept completely confidential).

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