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Head of Employment Law, David Bradley, has featured on weighing in on the compulsory Covid-19 vaccine debate.

Lucie Mitchell, business journalist at the publication, lead the debate, looking at the issue of compulsory vaccines for care staff at a time of skill shortages.

She noted: “Current guidance states that, from October, all employees working in a CQC-registered care home in England will have 16 weeks to receive both doses of the vaccine, unless they have a medical exemption. If they refuse, they could face being redeployed or even lose their job.”

“Yet, given the staff shortages currently facing the sector – and the relatively low numbers of vaccinated care home staff in some areas of the country – what will be the consequences of such a move?”

David Bradley responded, warning of the complex issues of the situation. “Will the Government prohibit the employment of staff who come into contact with care home residents or will they make it fair to remove an employee from such a position if they refuse the vaccine?

“If it is prohibition, there is a real risk that care homes will not cope if material numbers of employees refuse the vaccine. The employer will have to remove those employees from the front line. Will they be able to deliver services on that basis?”

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