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The scheme for claiming compensation for survivors of violent and sexual abuse has come under scrutiny once again.

The CICA scheme is to award compensation to victims of violent and sexual crimes but the process is causing those victims to have to relive their nightmare ordeal.

In a recent review of the CICA Scheme by Baroness Newlove of Warrington, Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales, it was found that abuse victims are not even advised of the Scheme by police or victim services.The CICA impose strict time limits that an application has to be made within two years of the incident or report to the police, however, criminal prosecutions can be ongoing for some time and yet victims who do make an application within this time frame are often questioned by opposing Barristers that they are making a compensation claim and therefore trying to diminish the ordeal.

The CICA Scheme also includes a “same roof” rule under which victims who lived in the same household as the abuser before 1st October 1979 are not entitled to any compensation.This means that for a child who lived with an abusive mother or father before 1st October 1979 and only now is able to speak out about their ordeal is unable to obtain any compensation.

The CICA is a lengthy process with no time frames for any responses or decisions to be made.Many applications are refused at first instance due to the strict wording of the Scheme, time frames under the Scheme and the strict Tariff of Injuries.Under the Tariff of Injuries any psychological condition due to an assault or abuse will only be awarded compensation where there is a diagnosis from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.This often means that even if the psychological trauma is highlighted in a victim’s medical records they need to obtain a report from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist to recover any compensation.

A review of the CICA Scheme is therefore being called for.At Ramsdens Solicitors we have an abuse team who are dedicated to helping victims of violent and sexual crimes recover compensation.We guide the victim throughout the whole process, obtain their medical records and full medical reports representing the victim at any Tribunal ensuring that the maximum compensation is recovered.

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