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Covid-19 has certainly changed the way in which we live our day to day lives and made a strange new world for all of us.

Use of new technologies is certainly assisting with making self-isolation not necessarily meaning you are completely cut-off from the outside world but such technologies can be baffling, impractical and feel impersonal.

One such solution may be to put in place a Power of Attorney. This is a document that allows someone to ‘step in to your shoes’ and act on your behalf. It could be a relative, friend, or professional.

There are different types of Power of Attorney ranging from a short form general type which could cover you for a particular transaction or serve as a simple and efficient way of seeing you through a period of isolation to ensure things keep ticking on whilst you are confined to your home.

Alternatively, there are Lasting Powers of Attorney which continue or come in to force if you lose your mental capacity. These types of documents can separately cover financial matters and health and welfare issues.

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