West Yorkshire Police is launching a new campaign which was announced on the 24th January 2019. This campaign encourages anyone with concerns about their current or ex-partner to check whether they have a history of domestic abuse.

Clare’s Law which is also known as The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme has been in place in West Yorkshire since 2014. It followed the tragic death of Clare Woods who was sadly killed by her ex-partner who had a history of violence against women.

Clare’s Law allows any person over the age of 16 to apply to the Police and ask for them to check whether their partner or ex-partner has a history of domestic abuse.

Clare’s Law saves lives and allows people to escape what could be a potentially abusive relationship.

If police checks show that the partner or ex-partner has a record of abusive behaviour or there is other information to indicate that the person requesting the information may be at risk, a multi-agency decision will be taken on what information should be shared.

There is also the ‘right to know’ which allows the police to disclose information to someone who has formed a relationship with someone who has a history of domestic abuse if it is considered that that person is at risk of harm.

It is straightforward to request information under Clare’s Law. This can be done by visiting a police station, phoning 101 or talking to a police officer.

At Ramsdens, we work closely with victims of domestic abuse and we provide help and legal advice to anyone that requires it. We have a friendly approach to all clients and understand that seeking help can be daunting but we will sensitively guide you through the process.

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