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This week is Children of Alcoholics Week. Globally, the aim is to raise awareness of the many millions of children living with parents and carers who suffer from alcohol addiction.

In the United Kingdom, statistics show that 1 in 5 children are affected by their parent’s drinking. Often, this goes undetected, leaving children isolated and alone. The National Association for Children of Alcoholics aims

address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem.

The Association has four broad aims:-

-To offer information, advice and support to children of alcohol-dependent parents

-To reach professionals who work with them

-To raise their profile in the public consciousness

-To promote research into the problems they face and the prevention of alcoholism developing in this vulnerable group

At Ramsdens, our Child Care team often see the plight of children and indeed their parents/carers, impacted by alcohol addiction.

It is really important for children to know that they are not alone and, if they feel able, they can speak out and get help. In addition, we as professionals and members of society need to be aware that often, these problems go undetected and unnoticed. The more we engage in open discussion about this issue, the more we can help vulnerable children hidden from the public.

At Ramsdens, our experienced and approachable Child Care Team represent children and parents impacted by addiction. It may be that due to serious concerns regarding addiction and other wider issues, a Local Authority becomes involved with a family. If you or someone you know, needs advice please contact 01484 821 500 to speak to one of our Child Care Team.