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When planning your family holiday, it is important to be aware of the rules regarding children’s travel to other countries. We have seen a recent rise in a number of clients being caught out by unknown rules and laws governing other countries, resulting in parents not having the correct documentation for their children and being refused travel! It is therefore important that you simply check with your travel company and/or solicitor to see if there are any legal requirements which you need to fulfil before travel.

A prime example of this is a recent change to the law in South Africa. If you are travelling to South Africa or passing through a South African airport with a child you must be able to produce the child’s full unabridged birth certificate. This means a full birth certificate.

If your child is travelling with only one parent, neither biological parent or is unaccompanied then there are additional requirements:

1. A full unabridged birth certificate must be produced which reflects both parents.

2. Consent, in the form of an affidavit from the other parent registered as a parent on the birth certificate must be produced.

3. A court order granting full parental responsibilities in respect of the child (if the sole carer for the child.)

4. OR – if the other parent is now deceased a copy of the death certificate must be provided.

If you are travelling with copies of documents, these need to be certified.

These legal requirements may seem daunting however affidavits and certification of documents are simple enough to complete by your family solicitor. #checkbeforeyoutravel should you require any of these legal documents contact our family team on 08000 147720, email or text LAW to 67777 to arrange a free thirty minute consultation in any of our ten offices across West Yorkshire.