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The Christmas party season is in full motion with just a few days left until Christmas and the New Year celebrations to look forward to. For most, Christmas and New Year celebrations are simply a time of fun, indulgence; a time to wind down after a busy year at work. For others, however, one drink leads to another and so-called Christmas flings occur. Whilst some may say this a trivial occurrence, such events can tear families apart and leave those involved questioning what they should do next. Firstly, for anyone going through such a situation it is important to reach out to friends, family and even support groups during this time of deep emotional stress. It is important to take time to think about what is the right decision for both yourself and your family before making hasty decisions. RELATE offer counselling and support during such times. You may , however, find yourself in a situation where you cannot move on and forgive. You may feel you cannot cope financially on your own, worry you will have no where suitable to live for yourself and your children – in this situation contact your family solicitor, we can go through the options available to you. Can I use adultery as my reason for divorce? In short, yes you can. Adultery is one of the facts you can use for divorce however, it is highly unlikely that we would advise you to take this course of action. Why? In order for adultery to be found, the adulterer must admit to what they have done! This can cause all sorts of problems in litigation. What is the alternative? The simpler option would be for adultery to be cited as one of the reasons for your spouses “unreasonable behaviour.” This will be easier to prove to the Court and should reduce some of the stress you have to go through. At Ramsdens our family team offer an initial free thirty minute consultation where one of our friendly team members can give you legal advice regarding your situation.... remember whatever your situation have a safe Christmas.