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Care Day 21 is taking place on Friday 19th February. First beginning in 2015, the day is the world’s largest celebration of the rights of children and young people with care experience, whether they were cared for by family members with the support of social workers, by foster carers or in children’s homes and residential units.

Care Day 21 provides an opportunity to unite in celebrating the rights and resilience of children and young people with care experience. The aim of this day is to promote a world where children and young people who have overcome adversities are proud of themselves, their achievements and look forward to a future of opportunity, equality and equity.

Various virtual events are taking place to spread awareness and understanding about children and young people with care experience. This includes a Q&A session in which a panel of care experienced people have the opportunity to hold their Children’s Commissioners/Ombudsman from each nation of Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland to account.

Care Day 21 is particularly pertinent in light of current circumstances, as lockdown restrictions continue to isolate children from the support networks they would usually be surrounded by. It also follows concerns raised by the Children’s Society last year, that children in care are “being failed by the very services who are supposed to be caring for and protecting them”.

The awareness day also follows Anne Longfield’s departing speech as Children’s Commissioner this week, in which she highlighted that children are being failed by adults who “simply don’t see them”. There has been particular concern in recent months about the privatisation of care, which has expanded with the growing demand for care and local authorities being unable to keep pace. Concerns have been frequently raised about children and young people living in unregulated homes, which has made some vulnerable to exploitation by gangs. It is therefore more important than ever to promote children and young people with care experience.


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