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The Archers: Verdict Revealed

The hotly discussed BBC Radio 4 Soap storyline reached its climax last night as millions of listeners tuned in to hear the jury’s verdict in the trial of Helen Titchener. The high-profile domestic abuse storyline culminated in the first hour long episode in the shows 65-year history. After a week-long trial the jury found Helen was not guilty of wounding with intent over the incident which led to Rob being stabbed.

Moments after the verdict, however, Rob provided Helen with a chilling reminder “you might have fooled everyone else but you haven’t got rid of me – and as long as we have a child together, you never will.”

The storyline sparked a national debate about domestic violence and a host of donations to the women’s charity – Refuge. The storyline did not centre around the stereotype of physical abuse, rather centred on the systematic undermining of Helen’s personality.

At the height of the storyline more than 7500 people provided donations set up on a JustGiving page which states “because for every fictional Helen, there are real ones.”

The story of Helen and Rob is set to continue however, with a hearing regarding the children being listed on 14th September before the family courts.

Sadly, the fictional Archers storyline is all too often a reality. We regularly see the horrific impact of domestic violence on victims, both women and men. Domestic abuse takes varying forms, whether physical violence or emotional and controlling behaviours. Whatever form of abuse - it is simply not acceptable.

• In an emergency always dial 999

• We can obtain emergency, ex-parte (without-notice) non-molestation and occupation orders, preventing the perpetrator from contacting the victim, breach of which is a criminal offence.

• 24-hour support is available at charities such a Women’s Aid.

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