Medomsley Detention Centre, Consett, County Durham. Operation Seabrook

Durham Police have concluded investigating into over 1500 complaints made by survivors in relation to this detention centre. Boys were detained for short periods where treatment was described as “torturous”.

Criminal prosecutions have now been brought. Christopher Onslow, 71, John McGee, 73, Brian Johnson Greenwell, 70 and Neil Sowerby, 61 will answer charges of misconduct in a public office, physical abuse and sexual offences and David McClure, 62, Alan Bramley, 69 and Kevin Blakely, 65 will answer charges of misconduct in a public office and physical abuse offences

The men attended Newton Aycliffe Mags Court on 19th December 2017 and were remanded on bail to attend Teeside County Court today, 16th January 2018. At today’s hearing, no pleas were entered for the seven accused men. Dozens of survivors were present in Court, with others having to utilise a nearby Court in order to listen to the Proceedings. The seven defendants have been bailed to a hearing in June.

A provisional trial date has been set for 3 September 2018 with the trial estimated, at this stage, to last between 12-14 weeks. Prosecutor, James Hill QC advised the Court that it is likely over 15,000 pages of material will be linked to the case, along with 235 witnesses.

Kirklevington Detention Centre, Yarm, North Yorkshire. Operation Magnolia

Cleveland Police have been investigating into over 450 complaints of both physical and sexual abuse raised by survivors detained at this detention centre also. Treatment within the detention centre is described as one following the “short, sharp, shock” policy.

Following investigation by the Police, Preliminary Case Papers were forwarded to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in September 2017 with a case conference being held shortly after. The Police continue their investigations so that the CPS can provide a decision with regard criminal charges. 20 suspects have been identified.

Aldington Detention Centre, Kent

This detention centre was one again set up in the early 1960s to combat repetitive young offending. A tough regime was imposed based on fear and intimidation. Survivors have now started to come forward with complaints which are due investigation by the Police.

Ramsdens Solicitors represent a large number of survivors who were detained at either Kirklevington, Medomsley or Aldington and are appealing for any further witnesses to come forward.

Our team led by Natalie Marrison have extensive experience in pursuing compensation claims arising from abuse in detention establishments. If you have any further information please contact Ramsdens Child Abuse team for a confidential discussion on 0113 8871 834.