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Leicestershire Council and the respective Police force are appealing against a court decision to award compensation to a sex abuse victim. This appeal has been initiated following a criminal case that heard a convicted paedophile was housed, by professionals, close to the children’s home where the victim resided.

In 2006, Martin Todd was sentenced for three-and-a-half years for 10 breaches of the Sexual Offence Prevention Order made against him. These orders being granted by a Judge following the conclusion of a sexual abuse criminal investigation and intended to prohibit convicted sex offenders from certain behaviours, minimising their ability to re-offend.

In 2009, Martin Todd was housed close to the children’s home in what is described as an “approved address”.

The decision to move Todd to this address was made following a meeting between professionals working in Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire City Council Children Services and the housing department.

The Judge ordered that Leicestershire Council and Leicestershire Police were to pay the compensation award of damages to the Claimant, totalling £52,000; however both organisations are appealing this decision.

The Police have stated that they will not make any comment whilst the appeal is ongoing.

At a recent meeting, the deputy city mayor for children and young people, Sarah Russell stated, “It’s not about the amount of damages being awarded to the claimant… (this claim could)… set a legal precedent which doesn’t only put the city council at risk of significant further claims but also local authorities and police forces around the country”.

At the hearing Judge Alison Hampton commented on how there were “serious failures” by statutory organisations to share information with the children’s home about Todd residing nearby and that he posed a significant risk.

Judge Hampton also shared her concerns about why these professionals did not question the address of Todd to the proximity of the children’s home, considering his previous offending history.

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