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The Ministry of Justice and Access to Justice Foundation have announced they have allocated £3.1 million funding to help people representing themselves in court. The funding has been granted to provide support at national, regional and local levels.

Just under £1 million of this funding has been granted to the North East of England, where 13 local organisations will work to create support and specialist advice for those representing themselves at court. Virtual support hubs will be set up to carry this out.

In mid and North Yorkshire there will be an expansion of specialist legal advice and a rural outreach service.

In the context of 16:4 hearings where parents often represent themselves at court and also in general for those who cannot afford legal advice this is positive news. The funding can improve access to support, legal advice and justice. This in turn can help people resolve their legal issues and in the context of Child Care Law and Family Law help to achieve outcomes focused on what is best for children.

If you require legal advice in relation to your children our experienced Child Care team can assist you through this process. Please call 01924 431774 for a confidential telephone call or email

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