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1. Between 2003-2012 there were 1,298,52 divorces in the UK.

2. There were 13 divorces an hour in England and Wales in 2012.

3. You do not have to attend Court if the divorce is undefended, everything is done on paper.

4. 34% of marriages are expected to end in divorce by the 20th wedding anniversary.

5. Only 16% of marriages reach the 60th wedding anniversary.

6. If you want to divorce your husband or wife you have to prove that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

7. After you divorce, you must keep your Decree Absolute and provide this if you wish to re-marry.

8. The most common time to instruct a Solicitor to commence divorce proceedings is the first day of the full working week in January.

9. You have to be married for at least one year to get a divorce

10. There are three main steps to getting a divorce:- Filing the Divorce Petition, Applying for your Decree Nisi and Applying for your Decree Absolute

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