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Conveyancing Pricing

Every house move is unique. Every title to every property is different. Ramsdens’ conveyancing fees will vary depending upon the tenure of the property, the complexity of the transaction, the number of third parties involved, and even the price or the value of the property will have a bearing. We will always strive to be as completely transparent and open about the potential costs involved with your house move or remortgage as we can be. For example, the cost of dealing with a freehold property with registered title and no mortgage, will differ substantially from dealing with a new build leasehold apartment being purchased in a company name with mortgage finance from a specialist lender. Because of this, it is difficult for us to give you a definitive estimate of the cost of us helping you until we have details of your intended transaction.

Our fees for dealing with a typical house sale or purchase range from as little as £375 plus VAT (charged at the prevailing rate) to £3,000 plus VAT for cases with specialist elements or complications. Our average fee for dealing with any sale or purchase is £681.81 plus VAT. We will always provide you with an individual cost estimate at the outset of any transaction, taking into account the actual bespoke features of your matter, that are known at that time. We will always advise you immediately about any complication and discuss the potential impact on price before any additional charges are incurred. If you would like a detailed and bespoke estimate of our fees, then simply email or telephone our New Business Team on Freephone 0808 168 5643, or complete our online enquiry form.

Our fees for dealing with a typical mortgage or remortgage of a residential property range from £150 plus VAT to £950 plus VAT. Our average fee for dealing with any mortgage or remortgage of a residential property is £425.52 plus VAT.

If you have been recommended to use our services by an introducer with whom we have a formal referral arrangement, you will have already received a definitive estimate of our fees which we would be happy to confirm. Simply email or telephone our New Business Team on Freephone 0808 168 5643.

The average fees quoted above include bank transfer fees, ID checking fees, the costs involved inacting for lender or discharging an existing mortgage, acting as Stamp Duty Land Tax Agent, use of our online, inter-active portal, and where appropriate, the payment of a referral fee to an Introducer, which may not always apply. Please watch our explanatory videos to see what is involved in the conveyancing process. Please see here our guide to remortgaging a property.

The average fees quoted above do not include disbursements, i.e. fees which are paid by us to third parties as part of the conveyancing process. These fees include fees for Searches - enquiries made with the local, water and coal authorities and with the environment agencies (prices of search packs vary according to the location and type of property but average around £300 plus VAT), fees payable to the Land Registry , either to download copy Title Deeds or to register your ownership (details of current Land Registry charges can be found here).

The average fees quoted above also do not include any stamp duty tax payable. SDLT is a complicated tax and special rules and rates apply to individual circumstances. Reliefs may also be available. Click here to visit the government’s stamp duty calculator website, or here if the property is in Wales.

There may be occasions when additional work needs to be carried out on your behalf which may only become apparent as the matter progresses. We have listed here the most common instances when additional fees may be incurred.

Your case may be handled by any one of our experienced property law specialists. Click here for details of the qualifications, experience and expertise of each of our dedicated property lawyers.