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Employment Law affects every aspect of the relationship between employer and employee and extends to others connected with the business of the employer.

Rights and obligations are created on both sides of the relationship and understanding that dynamic is fundamental to what we do.

Complying with and managing the effect of Employment Law and Regulation often presents challenges to employers. The pace of change and the complexity in this area of the law means that specialist advice delivered in a commercial context is crucial in helping clients maintain their principal focus; running and improving their organisation.

At Ramsdens we draw on decades of experience of working in this specialist environment to support clients in the implementation of change and the management of risk.

We advise and represent clients in all areas of Employment and related law, including;

  • Workforce and working practise change programmes;

  • Acquisition, mergers, business reorganisations and redundancy situations;

  • Defending employment related claims;

  • Protecting organisations from the effect of unfair employee competition or breaches of duties of confidentiality or fidelity;

  • Trade Union arrangements including requests for recognition, disruption to business continuity (strikes/work to rule) and issues arising from the relationship with individual officers or representatives;

  • Advising on (and on request, conducting) internal investigations, grievances, complaints and disciplinary processes;

  • The appointment and severance of Senior Executives and personnel including remuneration and bonus arrangements;

  • Constructing individual and suites of employment contracts and policies to reflect the objectives of the employer organisation.

Our fee structures and arrangements are flexible and we often work on annual retainer and fixed fee arrangements depending on the nature of the matter.

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  • Employment Support Service

    To ensure that businesses have the best possible protection Ramsdens can offer a comprehensive Employment Support Service.

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  • Maternity and paternity rights

    Our team of employment solicitors understands the impact that insufficient maternity and paternity rights has on allowing you to care for your children, and are on hand to provide expert legal support if a problem arises with your employer.

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