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Jan 03

Facebook is cited in ‘a THIRD of splits’

Facebook is becoming a key factor in marriage breakdowns and is increasingly being used as a source of evidence in divorce cases.

Facebook itself was cited as a reason for a third of divorces last year in which unreasonable behaviour was a factor, according to Divorce-Online.

They said it had seen a 50 per cent jump in the number of behaviour-based divorce petitions that contained the word ‘Facebook’ in the past two years.

Helen Thewlis, Head of Family at Ramsdens commented: ‘Divorce is a highly emotional time, but it is so important not to turn the situation into a public affair, played out for everyone to see online.

We have clients who contact us with concerns over comments on Facebook and they often include quite serious threats of violence which is totally unacceptable.

It is pleasing that the courts are now seeing these threats as evidence of domestic violence.”

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